Destination moon by Guerrini Stefano by guerrinistefano

Perspective and human presence are the most important things in a image, not always is possible to have both!

In this image I left my photocamera on the tripod with the remote control that activated the shot every 30 seconds after a initial delay of 10 minutes. In ten minutes I went to the opposite side of the lake to search the right one rock for have a human presence in the image.

The perspective makes the rest. I appear very big near the huge Brenta mountains and the moon. The highest and biggest peak is “Brenta peak” in this image.

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Sunset at Nero lake by Guerrini Stefano by guerrinistefano

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One of the most beautiful lake in Trentino for enjoy photography. This picture was taken almost at 7 pm, the night was coming really quickly!!

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