Laguna de los Tres and Laguna Sucia by TheWanderingSoul

Long time exposure panorama showing Laguna de los Tres with Laguna Sucia and Mount Fitz Roy in Argentina during a sunset in April 2015.

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Intestinal Fortitude by tpoulton001

I’ve been holding this one back for my last panoramic from Patagonia and this time it’s from Laguna De los Tres Mt Fitz Roy Argentina.

After a big hike from Cerro Torre I was the only one that would push on for sunset at this location after everyone had heard stories from other hikers that the trail up was covered in ice and treacherous. Knowing the tour was coming to an end I wanted to capture this location so bad I decided to go alone.

The slope is quite steep during the first hour until you reach Del Salto stream valley towards the Mt. Fitz Roy. You will notice that the Antarctic Beech become more and more numerous along the path and approximately after an hour and a half further down the way you will reach a well marked natural viewpoint. There you will find a sign that interprets the whole landscape right in front of you. The trail continues up along the Del Salto stream until reaching the drainage of the Lagunas Madre e Hija.

Four hours ahead from the starting point you will arrive to Poincenot base camp (big free campsite) and after crossing the Río Blanco you will arrive to Río Blanco base camp (only for climbers). From there the path continues in ascent approximately 400m. until you reach Laguna de los Tres.

I was fortunate enough to meet this amazing German girl who was half my size and had been hitchhiking around South America for months and would put most of us to shame with her amazing hiking skills and determination. We made the hike back down in the dark slipping a sliding along the path.

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