Dedication by All4Nature

Dear Light Lovers,
A recent helicopter tragedy in South Island, NZ bought back fond memories of my trip a few months back. 7 young souls lost their lives in this tragedy.
I dedicate this picture from Lake Tekapo, The Church of Good Shepherd to the departed souls. RIP all of them.

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Ethereal Luminance by ScottMcCook

Hey Guys 🙂

We’ve been back just on 3 weeks now since our visit to the South Island of New Zealand. We had such a blast there photographing and just enjoying time away from work.

This is Mt Cook captured from the Hooker Valley in new Zealand.

The first edit I did on this particular image was from my alienware 18 while on location in New Zealand. Security check point staff still laugh everytime I get that laptop out to put in the tray for scanning, it barely even fits! It’s heavy but its awesome in regards to editing power and the screen is nice and big, many photographers I know don’t like editing on the run and I agree in a way, for me though it is important to begin an edit if i’m still buzzing from the experience, I tend to find that mood will be injected into the image as I process, so i’ll normally do an initial edit on location and then tidy it up at home.

Sometimes that’s harder than it sounds because I wonder where my wacky brain was when I was editing on location 😉 I might have some great ideas in regards to vision while editing in the field but they tend not to be too tidy 😉

So I had great pleasure in going back to this and giving it a bit more love 🙂


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That Morning Call by christianlim

re-uploading this, after a few hrs of my upload last night 500px went down for about 4 hrs… too bad views and rank was doing great, have to re-do this so it gets its proper mileage… sorry!

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Good Shepherd by All4Nature

Dear Friends,
presenting another shot from lake Tekapo, Newzealand. The famous Church of Good Shepherd is located a very picturesque location and thronged by hundreds of tourists everyday. It is almost impossible to get a clear shot during daytime but I just got lucky after close to 50 shots.
It was beautiful day and the little cloud formations gave the Church a special look.
Enjoy the Light and stay blessed.

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Guiding Light by All4Nature

Dear Friends,
Welcome to the Guiding Light. A bucket list item finally got ticked last week with the visit to the NewZealand south island. A truely amazing place, photographers delight. There is beauty everywhere and the word beautiful loses all significance in a few days.
This shot is from The Church of Good Shepherd, Lake Tekapo. This splendid location is swarmed by tourists all day till almost an hour past sunset when something like this happens. The Light was the best I have seen in a long, long time.
The only sad part of this visit was the death of two tourists in the same lake just a day before my visit. Two young tourists aged 20 and 21 lost their lives kayaking in inclement weather conditions. Guiding Light is dedicated to these young souls. R.I.P.

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