The Sound of Silence by ShadowOfLight

The moment of silence by the famous lone tree and reflection, Lake Wanaka, New Zealand.

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Oh, how nice is Wanaka… by sw_arts

Our Wanaka tree on a cold winter morning with an awesome sunrise – great start into the new day! 🙂

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Still Here, Stilled Heart by jimpattersonphotography

Here is an image of the now famous willow tree of Lake Wanaka on New Zealand’s South Island. The sunrise was nice, but something about the golden light of early morning made the scene for me.

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That Wanaka Cloud by KieranStone

This shot comes from no other than lake Wanaka. Just about every photographer that has been there has a shot of that Wanaka Tree in their folio. But for me, it was the clouds over the mountains that stole the scene during my first night at the lake.

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Wanaka: Tranquil by All4Nature

Dear Friends,
Presenting another shot from Newzealand. This is from a morning shoot at Lake Wanaka.
This shot is around 5:30am in the morning when I was running with my gear to capture the famous tree but was stopped midway by this scenery. I had scanned the area previous evening and loved the spot.
My greed of reaching the tree quickly stopped me from doing longer exposure, hence the reflections are inverted originals.
Hope you like the scene and the Light.
Have great weekend.

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Wanaka tree. by Luke_Sergent

No need to say much about this tree.

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The Light Catcher by everlookphotography

The Wanaka Tree (which needs no introduction)

I hope for a second you may have thought it wasn’t the Wanaka tree? That’s because the light was happening in a different direction to the usual composition and I went chasing! No reflections, no real foreground interest apart from ducks but I don’t see these clouds very often so I photographed them 😉

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Wanaka;Heavenly by All4Nature

Dear Friends,
Continuing with the NewZealand series.
Here is another take on the shot-to-death location: Wanaka tree.
Well, I seem to be not getting enough of the place and hence went there for a sunset as well as a sunrise. This is sunset and the tree is backlit with birds resting on the tree.
Enjoy the Light.

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