~ Goodbye! Queen’s Head ~ by FuYiChen

Yehliu – Queen’s Head. | 野柳 – 女王頭
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Queen’s Head, one of the most famous scenes in Yehliu Geopark, New Taipei, Taiwan.
The so called “Queen’s Head” is in fact a kind of mushroom rock; It is formed due to the differential erosion caused by seawater during curst movement,
because the shape as formed after the top of rock being fallen apart in 1962~1963 appears like the side face of Queen Elizabeth.
Since it undertakes natural devastation, The narrowest part around it neck is about 138 cm now.
名稱 Name: Goodbye! Queen’s Head | 再見! 女王頭
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Pink And Glory by elenaparaskeva

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Bent’s Fort through the Door by randydpoll

My contribution to my Mom, Delores Poll’s series on Bent’s Fort. The outside of the fort is visible from a room on the upper level. It was one of the living quarters for hunters and trappers. The trappers stayed only long enough trade goods, while the hunters, like Kit Carson, remained in the area to hunt bison and venison for the fort.

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~Double Carp Wetland Nature Center, Kinmen ~ by FuYiChen

Double Carp Wetland Nature Center, Kinmen | 金門‧雙鯉濕地自然中心
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Lombard Street Aerial by tobyharriman

Some new aerial im working on. Definitely in love with this loaner 51mp Pentax 645z medium format from Ricoh Imaging.

Lombard Street is “known” as one of the most crookedest street in the world, behind the underrated Vermont street which is also in San Francisco. Vermont street is steeper but has fewer turns. Then again, it’s not this beautiful looking from above!!

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A Guiding Light by LindaEdgecombPhotography

To provide meaning architecture is not to parody history , but to articulate it….Daniel Libeskind
From this series in sepia .as I chose the horizontal composition on this one and a little higher up….thanks to you all for your kind words and inspirations!! ^_^

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