Granite Eye by RyanDyar

Just a simple long exposure over the Alabama Hills, but I more wanted to post about a very cool tour I’m involved with.

Way back in my early 20’s I discovered the work of Marsel Van Oosten. He quickly became one of my photography idols. Even to this day, when my photography buddies and I play the “who are your top 5 favorite shooters” game, Marsel is always at the front of the list.

So when he asked me if I’d like to come join his team at Squiver, I was absolutely blown away. One of the biggest honors of my career. If you told that 20-something kid with a camera that he’d be working for one of his idols in 10 years, he would have scoffed… and maybe called you a name or two. But now it’s official and I can say that I’m on board to lead his 2016 Namibia Untamed tour!

Ok, enough ass kissing. Namibia really is a photographers dream and this is THE BEST and most respected tour to the area. If you’re interested in joining me to Namibia and taking your photography to the next level, please check out the website for more information, images, video clips, and a very detailed tour PDF:

Northern Lights Finale – With Arild Heitmann
Processing Tutorial Videos
Processing Instruction via Skype

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Stairway to Heaven by PerriSchelat

I put some time aside this week to edit my sunset shot from Mount Assiniboine in British Columbia. This was a return trip to Assiniboine to get a better sky at a better time of day then I did the first trip. I really, really wanted this shot to be successful. When I plan my entire trip around the success of one image, things get stressful in a hurry.
Some of my fellow photographers will understand the procrastination that comes with processing a photograph that was very technical in the field. You know it’s gonna hurt!! My biggest concern was that my technique in the field might have failed me and I didn’t want to find out. So I slowly inched my way closer and closer to this image all week.
The evening I photographed this scene, I was faced with 30 kph winds and cold temps. The sky looked super promising and turned out to be terrific. Hanging out on my perch was pretty taxing. I had hiked to the Nublet with a friend who gave me his big puffy down coat to wear over my own. At that point I was toasty, but still concerned about my best strategy for controlling movement in my images and their quality using higher ISO’s and faster shutter speeds. I waited for lulls in the wind and shot for the mid-ground using faster shutter speeds. I used long shutter speeds for the sky to get soft clouds. In fact, in this image I used a 4 stop solid ND on the sky for an 8 second exposure. I blended the two in Photoshop.
Waiting for lulls and using faster shutter speeds paid off and I managed to find images without movement, blur or camera vibration all risks you run into shooting in high winds.
It was good to get down off that mountain. I was concerned that Noel and I would run into grizzly bears. I felt sorry for the photographers we left behind that planned on staying up there in that ferocious wind to shoot stars and then sunrise. I’m sure it was a very, very long cold and scary night.

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Poison remedy by zardo500px

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