Toby Earth II by tobyharriman

Toby Earth II – Pentax 645z

Be sure to check out new aerial reel:

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Tribute by tobyharriman


Last year I was lucky enough to be in NYC working for 2 weeks during the Tribute Lights. Had an awesome time making new friends and roaming around the city. This may be one of my favorites. ‪

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Lombard Street Aerial by tobyharriman

Some new aerial im working on. Definitely in love with this loaner 51mp Pentax 645z medium format from Ricoh Imaging.

Lombard Street is “known” as one of the most crookedest street in the world, behind the underrated Vermont street which is also in San Francisco. Vermont street is steeper but has fewer turns. Then again, it’s not this beautiful looking from above!!

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FOR JEFF by AndreasResch

This is an older shot of mine that I reworked recently. It’s not about new stuff today, it’s about remembering.

One year ago we lost a great photographer. I never met Jeff Swanson in person, but always admired his images and followed his adventures with fellow photographers. He went way too early – RIP Jeff.

You can view Jeff’s images at – the profit from any print sales goes toward the Melanoma Research Foundation. They also accept straight donations.

Tachihara 4×5″ Field Camera, Schneider-Kreuznach 90mm, Velvia 50.

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