Squealing Brakes! by RoeselienRaimond

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I hope y’all survived Christmas…:D

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Crater Lazy Head by eyeofalens

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Crater Lazy Head

Name as such as I slept in the car longer than I wanted to on two mornings & ended up at the same location due to lack of time.

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Cheeky Cub by Giedriius

Please visit our new Facebook page “DG Wildlife” which we’ve started recently. It is much about our fascination and passion for wildlife photography, traveling and exploration. We would like to share our interest with you and we look forward to hearing your experiences, thoughts and comments. Thank you.


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Lazy Fox by RoeselienRaimond

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Hopefully this years fox kits have grown into strong and healthy adolescent foxes.Two years ago I watched a littler of fox cubs grow up, which was a joy to witness…Even when they did nothing special but yawning they were so utterly cute…;)

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