~ (No Light)house III ~ by DavidGomes1

One more time I come back to this beautiful place and walking around, waiting for the light coming from this beautiful lighthouse.
And… you can see in this beautiful shot.
Happy weekend!

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~ (No Light)house II ~ by DavidGomes1

Again come back to this beautiful lighthouse waiting and waiting for light and ….!
The sky was clear and blue but during sunset moment everything has changed!
Happy weekend!

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~ Ready ~ by DavidGomes1

You are invited to a fantastic journey into the world of dreams!
Are you ready? I’m ready!
Greetings from beautiful and lovely Aveiro, Portugal.

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~ Closed moment ~ by DavidGomes1

The majestic PVG on closed moment during sunrise!
I coming for sunrise’s colors party the sky was full closed!
Somebody in this forum has demanded me to post this majestic bridje in B&W!
Dedicated specialy to my dear friend Miguel Silva!
Have a nice weekend!

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~ Sunset’s reflections ~ by DavidGomes1

Sunset shooted from the beautiful beach Barra/ílhavo, Aveiro-Portugal. The perfect reflection of sky on the beach and sandstones is really fantastic! Enjoy!

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~~The best (bridge) way…~~ by DavidGomes1

PVG- Ponte Vasco da Gama. The best way to imaginary! Enjoy!.

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