Deutsche Bank Twin Tower Frankfurt by dragrund

In the center of the picture you see the Deutsche Bank Twin Tower. It is a twin tower skyscraper complex in the Westend-South district of Frankfurt, Germany. Both towers rise to 155 m (509 ft) and serve as headquarters for the Deutsche Bank, the largest bank in Germany and one of the most important in the world . The twin towers are sometimes nicknamed debit and credit (German: Soll und Haben), the two aspects of every financial transaction. View from the Maintower with a height of 200m.

Single exposure with just basic development from raw.

Sony A7 I with Leica M Elmar 24mm Asph

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Frankfurt Blue Hour by dragrund

Frankfurt am Main is the largest city in the German state of Hessen and the fifth largest in Germany with a population of more than 700.000 inhabitants. The city is the heart of the Rhein-Main-Metropolitain-Region with a population about 5.5 million people. You can see the skyscrapers of the most important banks in Germany and also in Europe.

Sony A7 with Leica M Elmar 24 mm – this is a second edition of a former published photo

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