Sylt, Ellenbogen West by pensrud

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So….On a two week long visit to the area my goals were to capture many of the beautiful lighthouses along the North Sea in Germany and Denmark. This lovely lighthouse is on Sylt, a popular tourist destination, and getaway for wealthy Germans living in Hamburg, like the Hamptons for New Yorkers.

Beautiful coastline, and great place. I rented a bike and cruised all around the island finding locations and capturing four of the five lighthouses on the island. I spent the night out in the sand dunes capturing the Milky Way and stars overhead and getting blasted by sand and salt water. 50+ mile an hour winds. :/

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Schleimünde by andiblockiersystem

Lighthouse Schleimünde, Germany

During our vacation in Kappeln, Germany we drove out to the Schleidmünde by boat.

We tried it a day before where the weather was a bit nicer and stood at the harbour drinking coffee and waited for the boat to arrive. We forgot the time and once we had our things packed together the boat already turned away because no one was standing on the pier 😦 Damn, I was really pissed off at that moment and threw the coffee on the ground.

So we made it the next day – with worse weather but we made it.

During post processing I increased contrast in the sky, colored the complete image, refined edges, added the light beam & seagulls.

Hope you like it & have a good one,

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Gorgeous Sundown by Westerhever by pensrud

This is another from a few days ago now. If you didn’t read the other descriptions in previous images from this evening, will say briefly I was lucky to even have this. All around, for miles, was grey, overcast and rain. At dinner I kept peeking out on the horizon to dark grey and blah. Ate dinner and afterwards was getting up to take the kids to bed and when I peeked out far off in the distance you could see the clouds had thinned on one spot, which I knew was the direction of westerhever.

Asked my wife if she wanted me to put the kids down but she told me to go. Grabbe the gear and got in the car to rain and enjoyed a lovely 45 minute drive to the lighthouse. Despite the rain and rental car, weird renault wipers, my optimism and joy made the drive wonderful. Made better by seeing a couple wild rabbits and a pheasant on the way, which I consider good luck seeing wildlife on the way to shoot.

Long story short…it was amazing. colors. cloud layers. mid and high level, light rays. rainbow. mud. Sheep. Birds. And I was completely alone out there. The rain kept the tourists away for what could have been the best sunset of the summer. At least it will be my best sunset at Westerhever this summer.

Such a great night. Hope you like it. Cheers from Northern Germany.

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