Evening Colors by DibyaRanjan

Evening Colors.


Just loving the colors of winter!
And Happy New Year from India! 🙂

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“Tomorrow i will forget… Today I feel” by davidalexrodrigues

Tomorrow i will forget all the bad things that can be done to me..
That i can be separated from my mom,
That i can be separated from by little brothers,
That i can me used as a thing without any feelings..

But today i still feel the love of the ones who care about me,
Of the ones that want me alive,
Of the ones that want to give me a chance to survive.
But… and tomorrow?

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© David Rodrigues Photography / The Nature of Animals

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Burning Sky by DibyaRanjan

Burning Sky.


Oh Man how much do I love Winter Sunsets! Greetings from a small town in India! Cheers!

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The fish trap by SangkhomHungkhunthod

The Fisher is collecting fish caught by nets in the Mekong River Thailand

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