Dreaming… by WaynePinkston

Valley of Dreams in the New Mexico Badlands

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Dakota Wind by AaronGroen

Photo taken 9/11/2015 – 10:15:02 PM as the clouds were starting to clear revealing our beautiful Milky Way Galaxy. The light pollution on the clouds is actually from Sioux Falls 51 miles south of here. This is a single exposure shot with Canon EOS 6D and EF16-35mm f/2.8L II USM lens @ 30.0 sec; f/2.8; ISO 6400, 16mm.
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Pedras Negras by sincozh

Giant Baobab Under The African Sky by markdumbleton

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The Milky Way burns bright across the African sky as a giant Baobab stands tall, growing from the rocky terrain of the Mashatu Game Reserve. Light pollution from the south adds a warm tinge to the sky – Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana.

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Celestial Skull by troynikolic

Best viewed on black!
It’s been a year since my first trip to Joshua Tree and I think this was went even better! I went with my friends Calvin and we had an incredible adventure.
There was still light pollution, but the milky way was certainly visible. This was the first time I visited the geological side of Joshua Tree as opposed to the plantation side.
I have to admit, I like this side much more… there are things to climb and of course, Skull Rock. So cool. A night under the stars is always humbling!
Bit of a re edit again to bring out some parts and re compose.

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Flash Point by goldpaintphotography

2016 Night Sky Photography Workshops

This image is a composite of all the meteors captured on August 13, 2015, during the Perseid Meteor Shower from Mount Shasta, CA. All of the meteors were captured from 12:30am – 4:30am and the composite contains roughly 65 meteors. The large mountain in the distance is Mount Shasta and the glow from the base of the mountain is from the city of Mount Shasta.

I subtracted the meteors from the images that contained them throughout the 4 hour period. Due to the Earth’s rotation, the meteors were not in the correct location once overlayed with the single background image. To find where the meteors originated from in relation to the background image, I used Polaris (North Star), Capella, Pleiades, Mirphak, Double Cluster, and the constellation Perseid to triangulate their position.

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No Longer Alone by AlisterBenn

The secret of becoming a better photographer relies on a plan – a strategy to improve and develop.

“If you don’t know where you’re going, don’t complain about the destination!”

I write educational material for creative and expressive photographers. We run small group Photo Tours & Workshops locally here in NW Scotland and in Iceland.

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Volcano or Meteor…that’s the question! by PaoloLombardi

*For a better quality view on black! 🙂

PH | Paolo Lombardi
SL | Cime de la Bonette – France
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This is ONLY the awesome “Cime de la Bonette (2860 m) – France”!
This is ONLY the “Route de la Bonette – La plus haute d’Europe (2802 m)”
This is the ROUTE to the sky!

Una Via Lattea così “potente” non la si vede ovunque!
Una Via Lattea così “potente” la si distingue addirittura mentre guidate con tutti i fari accesi!

Sembra voglia spaccare in due il cielo!
Sembra di viaggiare tra le stelle!

Impossibile voler abbandonare lo spettacolo fino all’alba!
Impossibile non dedicarle il giusto tempo!

Awesome! Very cool! I like it!

Thanks for watching and good light to you!

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Aeon Rising by goldpaintphotography

Aeon Rising shows a possible ending of an eternity or the beginning of a time. Plato used the term Aeon to denote the eternal world of ideas, which he conceived, was “behind” the perceived world. Likewise, we may only see the arched shadows projected on its wall; but if we free ourselves from our own confines, we may see the form of true reality, rather than mere shadows.

2016 Night Sky Photography Workshops

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