Alien announcement by Vahlenkamp

The end of the journey was at this moment a fact. Now it was only a matter of time before the first man would personally experience extraterrestrial contact. The illuminated light beams spread on the deserted field, the air quivered, and there was a noisy silence, filled with the underlying fact that everything as we understood it, soon was to change…

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Fire in the Sky by pensrud

From a beautiful day in the mountains. High up in the sky got rewarded with a wonderful sunset. Cold, damn cold, but well worth it.

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Jumbo Pass Canada by susanholtphotography

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After a few hours of driving to Invermere, we set off for our next destination along the steep, 4-mile climb to Jumbo Pass. The track rises from the forest below Bastille Mountain’s ramparts before the incredible panorama opens out across Jumbo and Karnak Mountains to one side and the stunning Horseshoe Glacier tumbling from the Cauldron Mountain to the other. The only way I can describe the hike is like constantly climbing up a set of stairs, loaded down with 43 pounds of camping and photography gear. We decided to spend the night here, shooting both sunset and sunrise with stunning fields of wildflowers juxtaposed against the rugged peaks. One of the reasons I had opted to do this trip during summer (rather than fall when most photographers head to The Rockies to capture the larches in full color) was because of the wildflowers in bloom. Best showcase of wildflowers I’ve ever seen! Thank you for looking!!

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Dreamland by Dustin_Wong_Photography

Redwoods State Park, California

The pacific coast is probably the most dynamic in the morning, as fog is burned off by the rising sun. Sunrays flood the canopy of these giant redwoods.

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Sunlight by williammevissen

Sunlight during sunrise in the forest surrounding lake ‘Reindersmeer’, ‘De Maasduinen’ National Park (Well, Netherlands).

Title inspiration: Anathema – Sunlight (

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