The Elements by Fredrik-Meling

I took this picture in Colorado about an hour east of Boulder. As you can see i did edit the colors and noise in lightroom. Sadfly there is a bit of lightpollution to the right.

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Thunderbird by AaronGroen

Electric Auras (pt 2) by robwoodcoxphoto

I’m excited to share the second image of a personal series titled “Electric Auras” I have developed amidst my world tour to document the beautiful people I meet. I interact with a lot of people as I travel but there are a few that stand out to me; they are the quickest to smile, the fastest to share a meal, and the first to offer assistance with no additional cost or strings attached. I find peace with these people because they are the reason I have great memories and their warm spirits resonate with mine. I want to show these people as powerful through the creation of this series; in a world often consumed with hatred and greed, it is the kind and humble that truly hold power in my eyes.

This particular image is of my now good friend and Vietnamese brother, Long Tran. He’s a fellow photographer and explorer and surely has a bright future with his great talent and personality! We shot this photo on a secluded stretch of the Mekong River in southwest Vietnam.

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Mather point sunset storm by Nordhaug-photography

The first time I visited the south rim of Grand Canyon, weather was grey and wet. As I checked into a nearby hotel, a summer-storm approached with thunder and lightning. After a quick meal I drove to mather point and was totally awestruck by the vastness of this magnificent place. It is true as they say, absolutely nothing can prepare you for Grand Canyon! I walked back and forth between Mather and Yavapai points, searcing for a good composition. A light rain in the air blurred out some of the canyon as the storm over north rim faded away. I got a few ok shots, but the conditions were difficult. However, as sunset closed in, a crack in the skies allowed for some direct sunlight in the canyon and a rainbow appeared for a few minutes in the tail-end of the storm. My position wasn’t ideal but I kept running back and forth and photographed frantically. When I came back to the hotel I had over 100 shots, which is very much for me in a little over an hour. When I later started to process them I was somewhat disappointed as most of them were grey and dull, and they have been hidden on one of my harddrives until now. I sat down and started to process a few of them the other day, and managed to bring forward some of the magic I felt that late june afternoon last year. This is a composite of several shots, to compensate for the difficult light-conditions and bring forwards the details in my experience. I am now working on several other exposures from this session, some of them with a far better rainbow, and I will see what I can make out of it. Hope you like it, have a terrific evening!

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Sunset Storm by davidharoldd

So you haven’t seen enough shots of that storm on the 9th of December…
This image was captured just after sunset while the storm was still quite distant. My previous images have captured the lightning just above redhead beach after dark. The red glow on the horizon from the sun setting can still be observed. Two images were combined to create this shot, each had a 15 second exposure.

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Monsoon Over Tempe by RussellMcGuire

Sometimes, life has no reason unlike the seasons
It aimlessly drifts with the wind
We find ourselves in places of unfamiliar faces
Bathing in the shadows of sin
Our souls become lost up in the holocaust
That once was a beautiful life
Like a ship drifting upon the tide we bang and then we ride
The white horse straight into death

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