[ … home sweet home ] by RaymondHoffmann

Northern Sami – winter photo workshop
Nikon D810 with 14-24mm f/2.8G ED AF-S NIKKOR

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Sunrise on Assiniboine by manuel_secher

I took this shot just before heading back to the parking lot going through wonder Pass. The 30 km return were absolutely gorgeous but long and difficult.

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Assiniboine Sunrise by d5photo

I spent the night on this cliff. It was cold and windy. But hey, I got the shot.

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Commitment by rasica

Mystical peaks called Zupci (Teeth) on mountain Durmitor seen on my way. My desire to build mountain house was hatched many years ago, so I am happy to show you that I am building my dream home in my imagination. All images used in this composite are my property.

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Dramatic Alaskan Transport by P-ANilsson

A landscape shot with the fabolous Beaver cub in the foreground. That is the work horse of the modern alaskan fishing and hunting lodges. Just love their look and the fact that they allow us to travel to place that would be out of reach with standard avation. This is one of frame for Bristol Bay Lodge i made while being a part of their artist in residence last summer. One of the worlds top 3 wildlife lodge, like the Ritz Charleton but with love and scenery, if you ever get the chane, just go there!!

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