Tender Reine by sysaworld

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A famous view with some fresh snow. I have been there many times but always fascinated by these mountains, villages, colors.

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OLSTINDEN AND A BOAT by johnnymyrenghenriksen


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Northern lights by FrankOlsen

This panoramic picture is put together from 9 vertical photos. It was a perfect December night. Cold, crisp air. Dead still sea, giving perfect reflection. The northern lights curved nicely above the mountain ridge.
This is also a very wide picture, over 8000 px. Well suited for large prints

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Sunrising Reine by JavierLt

A new year has just begun. A new year full of projects, ilussions, great expectations, trips… My best wishes to all of you in this new year, but over all, I hope you have good light during the whole 2016 🙂

Check out the photo in HD: Sunrising Reine

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Falling Water by myst1cal

I wasn’t really sure if i should give it a try with this one.. but yea i did it anyway..
so there’s not so much to tell about this one. it’s from one of the first days of my recent Norway visit.
with no snow and not really special weather at all.
but we found this beautiful waterfall and i just had to spend a couple minutes there to try my luck.. hope you guys like it..

wish you all a great and successful 2016!

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Lofoten beach.. by holofoten

Lofoten is a miracle of crazy mountains, spectacular fjords, beautiful beaches and so much more. Every season offers magic moments, and even polar nights can make you shed a tear or two..
This is Haukland beach..often named as the most beautiful beach in Norway. I can`t tell, I spend more time in the mountains than on beaches..at least during summer. But one thing is for sure..also for a photographer this beach is beautiful! Just few days before polar night, light is beautiful almost whole day..this image is shot just seconds before sun went below horizon though..

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