Beginning of Fall by staylorphd

At the beginning of autumn, a single maple leaf has fallen on a piece of driftwood at the edge of a river

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Hello Fall! by Portraitsbysuzy

Hello Fall! Sweet Lily playing with fall leaves. Thank you for liking, commenting and adding to faves! For more please visit my pages here:

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Thank you!

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Cycle of Life by elmarl65

This digital photograph titled “Cycle of Life” by Elmar Langle features an impression of Westwood Lake with a vibrant forest in the background reflecting on the calm waters of the lake and in the foreground parts of logs and dead trees emerging out of the water.

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Shasta Dream by VictorCarreiro

This one really needs to be viewed on black.

This was taken last April when I visited Mount Shasta area. I came across this field which had a great view of the mountain, but foregrounds were skimpy. With the light fading fast I grabbed a nearby dead branch and attempted to construct a leading line. Kind worked.

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Look at Me by elmarl65

This photograph features a closeup image of a Western Painted Turtle with reflections on the calm waters of Westwood Lake, located in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

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