Gonna Eat Ya Tail, Bro! (Playing Fox Kits) by RoeselienRaimond

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There’s not much cuter I can think of than young fox cubs. That is….. besides playing & frolicking fox cubs of course!

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Togetherness by RoeselienRaimond

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A mother fox (vixen) having a tender moment with her young fox kit. A good example of their very loving and social nature, in contrast to their not so good reputation…

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Foreverandeverandever…..? Foreverandeverandever! by RoeselienRaimond

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Mother fox (vixen) and daughter fox sharing an intimate moment together…. a moment that still moves me…It shows the true nature of foxes. Not the sly, ferocious animals they are in tales and fables, but the very social, intelligent and loving animals they really are…. I could go on and on about their family relationships, the care, the bonding, but for me, this photo speaks volumes….

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