Two pairs by fxkito2

There are many wise remarks about ability to take action. Therefore, it will be the problem that many people are troubled with.

It is human nature to think wisely and act foolishly.
– Anatole France

Imagination means nothing without doing.
– Charlie Chaplin

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Sparkling Blue Singers by Edtak

Once a month I and my wife Kyoko go to Redondo Beach area where she has an class for flower arrangement.
While I am waiting till done I take a walk take some photos of the little gardens. This is a one of them. This flowers are blooming everywhere but I didn’t see closely so that took about 5 shots.

We just have some rain in this morning in Southern California. It could be humid but hopefully cool off for a while.
Have a nice weekend all, Thank you for visiting.

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Green Destiny by fxkito2

It became the last stage in the rainy season in Tokyo, there are almost none of the pretty hydrangeas blooming.

After having died, a few hydrangeas become natural dried flowers, and its form hardly collapse.

The hydrangea which was beautiful in high season, is now losing its color. In the dying hydrangea which became all in green, I found the beauty same as the hydrangea of the most beautiful time.

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