A Night With Eclipsed Moons by kawasemi1

This is a composite of shots taken last week, 9/27/2015 from Mt. Tam. The size and positions of the moons are not accurate. I just wanted to have some fun with PS to create something interesting to express my experience of being there. Backgtound is a blend of sunset scene and nigh scene ( mostly in the upper part of sky) It was a beautiful night with fogs, clouds and yes, supermoon with eclipse! Mt Tamalpais, San Francisco Bay Area, California.

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Moon eclipse sequence by NandoHarmsen

A compilation of the moon eclipse
The images are taken every 6 minutes, from 2:54 am until 6:38 am

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Super Bloodmoon by lightpix

I´ve planned that shot for several weeks and yesterday morning the “weather gods” seemed mild mannered: perfect conditions for photographing the super blood moon (total eclipse).
I only had to overcome my weaker self to get out of the bed at midnight to be punctually on top of Pockkogel 2807m (Tyrol, Austria).
Together with my wife and photo-buddy Nikolaus Haselwanter we had a lot of fun, though it was quite stormy, cold and we had to take care not to tip over the edge on that small peak.

If you are a kind person you check it out on black! 😉


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Blood Moon Castle by EmmanuelCoveney

Composite photo – Thank you so much for viewing my images!
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Super Moon Lunar Eclipse by pensrud

On a cloudy but beautiful evening in Texas was able to capture the different phases of the eclipse last night. I invited any interested neighbors out to photograph the eclipse and to teach them about night photography. Several neighbors came out for the event. Some brought their own cameras, some came and used mine, while I explained ISO, Aperture and shutter speeds and how they work together. Sent them home with some information and a few good images.

Great time.

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Blood Moon Rising by DanCarrPhoto

I’m pretty pleased how this turned out considering there won’t be another chance for 18 years! I spent several hours trying to plan a shot that would have some iconic mountain in it at just the right spot. Figuring out how high I had to climb the opposite mountain to get it to line up at the point of total eclipse was tricky! I used the PhotoPills iPhone app and Google Earth for most of it. Shot with Canon 5D Mark 3 and my trusty 200-400 f/4.

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