Assiniboine by Kordan

I’m just out of incredible Assiniboine area. I’ve camped there for 6 days flying in and out by helicopter. First days were quite incredible: lots of dramatic moments and changing weather. On last 3 days we were under attack of grizzly bears. One of big bears with cub tired the camper’s tent to pieces looking for something sweet. I bumped into small 1-year cub just at the Wonder pass and we met a huge Mum bear with a cub at the lake. Lots of footprints of grizzly bears everywhere at paths. After the incident the Magog camp was officially closed and we departed today by helicopter, all safe. Lots of hiking, waiting under the heavy chilling winds, but it was worth it. Assiniboine is majestic.
D810 + 14-24 + GND 0.9 Lucroit.

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Night Stacks… by solstafirphotography

This shot was taken on the only night we had of the trip with any semblance of clear skies. only about 3-5 minutes after i rushed this exposure the entire area was completely clouded over and stayed that way for the next two weeks ha ha.

Unfortunately I didn’t anticipate the speed with which the clouds were descending upon me so these exposures were at a higher ISO than I would have liked to use as I was more testing to see how much detail I could get, with a view of taking more exposures after at different settings. End result being way more noise that I had planned for, which leaves me quite disappointed. But hey, I still got something and that just inspires me to go back there sometime and redo it better!

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