Portland Head Light by KiritPrajapati

Portland Head Light is an historic lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. The light station sits on a head of land at the entrance of the primary shipping channel into Portland Harbor, which is within Casco Bay in the Gulf of Maine

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Runway to the Sky by MichaelBlanchette

Marshall Point light sits on a rocky point near the fishing village of Port Clyde, Maine. In addition to the tower, the lighthouse features a long wooden runway and a restored Keeper’s House. The present tower was erected in 1858, and the Keeper’s House was replaced in 1895 after the original structure was destroyed by lightning. In the 1993 movie, Forest Gump, Tom Hanks finished his long run on this runway. This photo was taken a few minutes after sunset as the sky lit up in brilliant hues of yellow and orange.

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Kenzie by easphotonh05

Please take me back to this past summer!
Cold weather has settled in here in New England, Cant wait for the summer! LAST winter in New England, Im heading to LA in the Fall! get ready California….I’m coming for you!

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Light in the Windows by jeffclow

When the first rays of light hit the structure at Portland Head Lighthouse …. the windows on the building glow as if illuminated from inside.

It definitely pays to get up at oh dark thirty…

Taken with a Sony a7 coupled with a Sony/Zeiss 16-35mm lens.

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