Morning soak with a view by ParchenPhotography

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Doing long road trips can be a bit tough on the body; long drives (this last trip was ~4,700 miles), little sleep, and lots of hiking. So mixing a little relaxing time into the shooting schedule is always a welcome change of pace, especially if you can combine the two. Next time I’ll just remember to leave my clothes and towel away from the steam as everything I brought quickly turned into a block of ice since it was 16 degrees outside. That was a cold walk back to the car. I’ve tried this shot about four times now in various conditions in the past year and definitely like the “cold” version the best. Especially since there wasn’t another soul around and I had the place to myself. Shot with Sony A7r and Zeiss 2/35 ZE. Enjoy!!

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Silver Sunrise by MichaelBandy

In case the title wasn’t obvious enough, this is sunrise from Silver Lake on the June Lake Loop. I have always wanted this shot from there ever since I saw fellow phtoographer Cindy Lee Hoover’s image with a very similar comp, and I was hoping for some pretty great conditions. Alas, we got some whispy clouds that burnt off pretty quick. By the time the light was hitting Carson Peak the clouds were gone. Thus this photo is an exposure blend with the sky from before the sun was up and the landscape and mountains from just after. Furthermore I found that Carson Peak looked tiny with my wide angle field of view, so I zoomed in and took another shot which I then blended into the wide angle image to bring Carson Peak back to it’s more appropriate size. This was my first time trying a focal length blend and it was pretty difficult. I imagine that it is a tad easier for experts like Ted Gore (who does a masterful job with focal length blends btw). But for a first time effort, I am pretty pleased.
Big thanks to the ever helpful David Thompson. This would be far less dialed in without his suggestions and guidance.
Thanks everyone. I hope you enjoy this photo of a lake with the mountains (somewhat) reflected in the water.

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Convicted Color Thief by MichaelBandy

A few weeks back Roman Racela and I decided it would be a good idea to leave at 10pm Friday night (after a full day of working from 6am to 5pm for me) and drive up to Convict Lake to meet some other photographers for sunrise. After driving for 6 hours, we made it to Convict about 1 hour before sunrise. We attempted to sleep as best we could, but that is not so easy when you know you will have to be up in an hour and are attempting to sleep in the front seat of a car. I was wide awake when my alarm went off. So much for sleeping. Off we went to go meet everyone and shoot. We had a great morning despite our lack of sleep as the clouds and light were awesome almost all day. But the color never really developed. This is the best we got, but I think it’s pretty cool anyway. Hope you all like it as well!

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