Mannheim TV Tower by HatCatPhotography

Today I was out with the family for a walk in a local park in Mannheim, Germany with my Fuji X100T. My intention was to frame the TV tower there and do some additional coloring. I like the result!

Wish you a all a happy new year and health and joy for the upcoming year!!

The Mannheim TV tower information can be found here:


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Four Castles by Armin_Barth

So this is the shot from this morning. I waited for this conditions for a few weeks. Clear sky to get the sunrise and cold wet air to get some fog on the ground but not higher. I was absolutely lucky, the fog was laying just on the river and from the castle “Hinterburg” I had a great view on the scenery.

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The Murder in Mannheim by HatCatPhotography

Dear all,

I hope I am not offending any viewer. I have published this photo few months ago. Let me give you a little bit of background story:

What you see her is essentially a bridge in Mannheim (Theodor-Heuss-Bridge). In 1981 at this location there happened a murder in which two people were stabbed to death.
I wanted to recap this with some little bit of photoshop. It is a composite. The legs you see have been cut from a photo that shows a woman doing yoga. Again: What you see here is just an experiment how the murder could have happened at that time.

If you are interested you can read a little bit of background here:

Hope you like this creepy atmosphere!!


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Like two small houses by HatCatPhotography

This is the first time in my photographers life to capture some mushrooms. I did not have the years before a macro lens and so a friend and I decided today to get out and try to find some nice looking mushrooms to ban on sensor 🙂

I had my LED light with me so I underexposed the whole frame with -3V and just lightened the mushrooms!

In post processing I added some warm tone to it and darkened everything around even more.

Hope you like the result!

Wish you all an upcoming nice Sunday!


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Deep down it awaits by HatCatPhotography

Please look at it with black background: Press H and then M!

This is another shot from Mannheim, Germany at the Theodor-Heuss-Bridge (one of the largest in this region). The stairs are leading just in a small hall where you can leave the bridge. At this time only a friend and I were present there. It was so atmospheric that we even got jump scared by a cycler ringing at us so he can pass. 🙂

I boosted the contrasts and selectively used the pencil to brighten lamps and darken shadows where I thought it would be better. I like the result. Hope, you too. 🙂

Wish you all a nice Sunday and good start in the new week!


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