Granite Eye by RyanDyar

Just a simple long exposure over the Alabama Hills, but I more wanted to post about a very cool tour I’m involved with.

Way back in my early 20’s I discovered the work of Marsel Van Oosten. He quickly became one of my photography idols. Even to this day, when my photography buddies and I play the “who are your top 5 favorite shooters” game, Marsel is always at the front of the list.

So when he asked me if I’d like to come join his team at Squiver, I was absolutely blown away. One of the biggest honors of my career. If you told that 20-something kid with a camera that he’d be working for one of his idols in 10 years, he would have scoffed… and maybe called you a name or two. But now it’s official and I can say that I’m on board to lead his 2016 Namibia Untamed tour!

Ok, enough ass kissing. Namibia really is a photographers dream and this is THE BEST and most respected tour to the area. If you’re interested in joining me to Namibia and taking your photography to the next level, please check out the website for more information, images, video clips, and a very detailed tour PDF:

Northern Lights Finale – With Arild Heitmann
Processing Tutorial Videos
Processing Instruction via Skype

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