The awakening by MarcoGrassi

I’m finally traveling the world, researching for the best photography-destinations that every country has to offer.

I decided that my journey had to begin here, where one of the world’s wonders is.
Getting to this place has been quite a challenge, knowing nothing about Chinese language the all thing has required me a big planning. It has really been an adventure, but this is another story!

Among all the sections where you can visit the Great Wall, this is one of the less touristy. This means that at sunrise and sunset time, there is not crowd of people walking around, and you can take great “Out of time” shots. This makes the location perfect for photographers.

I stayed there 4 days, waiting for an epic moment. Every single day I woke up at 4.00, walked to the spot and then discovered, once on top, that the light was terrible. Very frustrating!

The morning I shot this picture it was raining. I woke up at 4:40, I saw the heavy rain and instead of going back to sleep I waited and waited till the rain stopped. I started to run as fast as I could afraid that I was going to miss the beautiful light. Once at the top, with almost no breath, I realized that for the first morning I was alone, without any other photographer on the spot.

It has been a beautiful day! The view was crystal clear and made other good shots possible. It got better during the night, I ended up starring under a perfect Milky Way over the Wall and made my experience much more unforgettable.

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