Sunflowers in Provence by PeteBondurant

We’ve made a lot of kilometers to see lavender fields, but my heart beats too much for the sunflowers!

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The weather I love – Pian del Valasco, Alpi Maritt by DeFaveriPhoto

This is the Pian del Valasco, an awesome plateau at 1800 meters of elevation in the heart of the Alpi Marittime natural park in Piedmont, Italy. I took this picture about 30 minutes after sunset, while a fast travelling front was approaching from the west. The light show was very impressive, although it only lasted for the time it took me to take 4 verticals of 25″ of exposure each.
Everything happened very fast indeed: only 5 minutes earlier there was almost no fog in the valley, and just 5 minutes later it had already filled up everything. It was a treat to be there, one of those moments you feel you just got to the right place at the right time.
About the title, well, those were simply the words that were rolling around my mind while, thrilled to bone, I was looking through the viewfinder at the fog rolling down the slopes and into the valley: in a corner of my mind a voice was just repeating ad-libitum “this is just the weather I love, this is just the weather I love…” The kind of insanity that hits those who are standing with their feet in the water, at about 2000 meters of altitude, at 10 pm on a Friday evening, I guess…

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