Cottongrass fields forever……. by mennodekker

I remember sitting in the hide while I took this shot singing to myself Cottongrass fields forever by the beatles, although I might have been mixing up some things at that moment because of the lack of sleep……..

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Flying into the new year….Happy 2016 !! by mennodekker

Here another shot for a stellar sea eagle shot during our great trip to Japan this year. Wishing everybody a great 2016 may all your dreams and wishes come true !!

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Looking into emptiness by mennodekker

Here is another shot of a fox I took in Hokkaido during our Japan trip at the beginning of 2015.

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Rausu Harbor patrol by mennodekker

Here is a shot from a low flying stellar sea eagle in the Harbor of Rausu Hokkaido Japan. I Liked the fact that is was flying so beautifully low, more gliding actually. Only I did not like the harbor in the back, so I blurred the background. We did not have great weather that morning but suddenly the sun began to shine so we had very nice light with great reflection on the snow.

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Fox on white by mennodekker

Here is a shot of a fox I took in Hokkaido Japan. Every time I see photo’s of this particular fox it reminds me of one best photographing days I have experienced so far. We had stellar sea eagles and orca’s for breakfast and foxes in all kind of snow situations in the afternoon. We got the location where the fox should be from another photographer, who sent a photo of a green storage building in the middle of nowhere and the coordinates for gps. We showed them to the taxi driver, who looked at us if we were absolutely insane to go there, but he drove to the location, we found the building and started walking. Just 5 minutes later 2 foxes appeared in a place full of snow. Sometimes you just have to be very lucky I guess……

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out of the blue part II by mennodekker

Here is another shot I took in the Dunes at the coast of Holland. This place is very famous for its foxes as they are very approachable and used to humans. They hardly bring back a stick if you throw one, but sometimes they seem to behave almost like domesticated dogs. Nevertheless it is a great area to see these wonderful animals and I never get bored by them as they are superb training subjects.

This one looks like if it comes out of the mist, but the truth is that is it just the low angle and f5.6 which makes the back very blurry. I only changed the white balance to make it a bit more cooler.

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Marching through the snow by mennodekker

Here is another shot I took during our visit to Hokkaido last winter. We met this fox on a completely desolated strip of land, where he and his partner in crime were living. The fox smelt us and approached us carefully and that is when I took this shot. At the same time a snowstorm was starting.

Yesterday I saw the documentary about Hokkaido on the BBC, and I went through the archives and found this one. For sure I want to go back there again. !!!

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