Autumn House by michaelglascock

Colourful house in the town of Lauzerte
Beautiful Village of France
Beaux Villages de France

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Butterfly Laundrette by michaelglascock

The washing basins lotois, flourished between 1800 and 1950, as in the rest of France
Some washing basins even have their own specificity with their stone slab shaped “V” and meet the sweet name of ” butterfly laundries

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Relaxing Atmosphere by michaelglascock

Castelnau Montmiral was founded as an albigensian bastide in 1222 by Raymond VII, count of Toulouse, under the name “Castellum Novum Montis Mirabilis”.

During the subsequent years, the village remained an impressive stronghold. In 1345, during the Hundred Years’ War, when Edward the Black Prince invaded the Albigeois, he reportedly left without besieging the village… Later, it served as a shelter for Catholics who were fleeing from Gaillac because of the Wars of Religion. King Louis XIII visited Castelnau in June 1622, and stayed in the “Tonnac” house.

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Another Era by michaelglascock

The majestic ruins of the castle give an idea of its powerful past ; the castle of Penne was a fortress erected to protect the valley of the Aveyron.

It was probably built in the Merovingian period (430-740 period). The first mention of the castle in a document was in the year 825.

It has been the subject of many battles during all periods of history (crusade against the Cathars, hundred years’ war, etc..) until it was dismantled in 1586. Today work for a gradual restoration is ongoing ; this began in 2006.

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St Cirq La Popie…Beautiful Village of France by michaelglascock

The medieval town of Saint-Cirq Lapopie, with thirteen listed historical buildings, was voted the most beautiful village in France 2014. Perched on a cliff three hundred feet above the river Lot
It derives its name from St Cyr the youngest martyr in christianity about 3yrs old

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Cobblestones and Arches by michaelglascock

Classified charming village Penne has retained its authenticity with its narrow streets lined with timbered houses and wooden corbels, ancient grain measures, its Androne, its mullioned windows and doors Louis XIII.
Located in Occitan, Penne inspired the troubadours of the 13th century and the Romantics of the nineteenth

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