Namibia Untamed by MarselvanOosten

We are proud to announce that photographer Ryan Dyar has joined the Squiver team. Ryan is known for his atmospheric landscape images and his popular post processing video tutorials. Not only that, he is also a great guy to travel with and to learn from, which is why we asked him in the first place.

Due to popular demand we have added a second Namibia Untamed tour for 2016, and Ryan will lead that tour. If you are not familiar with Ryan’s work, then first: shame on you, and second:

If you want to visit Namibia, look no further. We were the first company to offer specialized photography tours to Namibia and there is no better organized Namibia tour out there. Also, we are still the only one that offers microlight flights over the famous Namibian sand dunes.

This image was shot on one of those microlight flights, an amazing experience. Microlight airplanes are the best way to take aerial photographs. Better than hot air balloons, as they only take you where the wind blows. Better than airplanes, as they go way too fast, have to stay very high, and you often have to shoot through low quality, scratched windows. And better than helicopters, because of those same scratched plastic windows, and you can only shoot in one direction. From a microlight you can shoot in all directions, also straight down.

What you see here is a gyrocopter, basically a two person helicopter without roof or windows. We used one of those for a few years, but we no longer do. I asked my pilot to fly above them to be able to include the gyro in my photograph for sense of scale. The photographic opportunities are endless when you’re flying over this sea of sand, sculpted by the light.

If you’re interested in joining Ryan to Namibia, please check out our website for more information, images, video clips, and a very detailed tour PDF:

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