City Grit by edwardreese

Its been foggy any rainy all week here around New York City. Not really great weather for the Christmas holidays.

Here is a view of the crappy weather from up on top of the rock in Rockefeller Center. It’s a three-image pano with some blur effects added in post.

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Empire State Building Aerial by tobyharriman

Empire State Building Aerial #Pentax645z

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New York, Check Out by lazydesperados

I woke up late sunday morning to a cloudy and gloomy downtown sky. Last night seems like such a haze on this lonely Chelsea morning. It’s clear that there’s no one or nothing left for me to find in this town. It’s time to check out, New York.

-Lazy Desperados-

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Manhattan blues by annab

buildings in Midtown,Manhattan,New York City,USA.
maybe better on the black screen…:)

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