Milford by artjom

All indications indication were that nothing special would happen this night while we were driving up to Milford Sound thru neck-breaking Fiordland National Park. It was another notorious rainy day in Fiordland. Everything grey and misty but yet a mystical scenery worth the many stops. Due to that we were running late for the sunset at Milfod Sound as I was thinking that nothing special would happen anyway. Arriving last minute when the light was unfolding to its full magic I still managed to get some shots. Yay! Had to jump into the water at an air temperature of around 7°C without my gumboots though as I left them in the car in the hurry.
Anyway, it was all worth the hassle and the colors where amazing that I even had to tone them down in PP.

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Key To The Fiords by Dylken

Key Summit, New Zealand

The highest peak in the Fiordlands of New Zealand, Mt Christina (2474m) along with the Crosscuts and Mt Lyttle reflected in a small alpine tarn during morning twilight from Key Summit.

Nothing too fancy here just a simple 3 image focus stack to get the foreground nice and sharp.

Thanks for Viewing and as always this looks best on a dark background.

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Descent by jessesummers

This is not a location that will start popping up all over the front page of 500PX.

It is accessible only by a 35K return walk (with around 1.5K M vertical gain) in one of New Zealand’s most incredible locations.

I was lucky to have such intense atmospheric conditions at the time of my visit, and hope to be able to return one day.

Thank you for looking, and please hit “H” and “M” to experience full size on a black background.

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