Paramount by aurelienbernard

Re-process of a panorama of 46 pictures i took and posted this summer in french alps
This photo reminds me the image of the beginning of a Paramount movie.
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Grasslands by Tannerstedt

Looking down over the grasslands of Schäferiängarna towards the lighthouse at southern cape of Öland.

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Your Majesty by michele281287

Via Lattea sopra la Cima del Redentore

Foto scattata da
Michele Montanari & Michele Guzzini
Nikon D800
Nikkor 14-24 f 2.8
Inseguitore di nostra realizzazione INFINITY TRACK

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Aurora Winds At Krikjufell by danielmachtfotos

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This shot was pretty hard to take. I hiked to the waterfall during the night and it was stormy as hell. To make my way up there was the one challenge, but the real challenge was to get a good shot because I only had my smaller tripod with me which – obviously – is not that heavy so it could stand the stormy winds.

I had to hold it really tight and always wait for some moments where the wind is not too strong so I can take a shot without completely shaking the camera.

Thanks for viewing and being interested in what I do!

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Do You Believe? by AlexGaflig

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Taken on Kos Island, Greece at 4:30AM. A wonderful nightsky, unfortunately not the galactic core because of the late moonset at 2:30, but still cool with the Andromeda Galaxy on the left side. The West side of the island is so beautiful with it’s hidden beaches.

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