Time to reflect by KimLeuenberger

Merry Christmas 500px folks!!

It’s this time of the year again, the one where we look back at everything that happened in the last 12 months and that we realise how quickly the time flies by.

One of the best decisions I’ve taken in 2015 was to try to post again on here. After only a few pictures, I could feel the love from you all and it’s given a real boost to my confidence, so thank you all so much for your constant and amazing support!

Love you all xxx

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Christmas in Amsterdam by MarinaGondra

Christmas in the beautiful city of Amsterdam 🙂

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Blue London City by KimLeuenberger

Leaving London tomorrow morning to go to Algarve for 3 weeks! So excited!

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Algarve’s waves by KimLeuenberger

This summer, most of my cars made the move to Algarve. I can’t wait to be going back in a week and find most of them back!! Missed this little yellow beauty!

Also, thank you SOOO much 500px for the feature last night and all the support. I love this place, and I promise I’ll keep on posting as much as I can 😀

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Lavender Delivery in Hitchin by KimLeuenberger

Hello Lovelies!

Looking back on the summer days and remembering the best moments. Finally done with most of my deadlines so should be spending the nest few weeks, editing new images! Let’s see how the new 500px works!!

Love love love

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Riding The Ever So Wet City by KimLeuenberger

Felling a little bit more freedom right now, as we’re approaching the end of the term. Wish I knew where I was heading but my head is a bit like this puddle right now. All over the place!

Thank you guys for the great comments on my comeback! Greatly greatly appreciate it. All the love!


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City Lights by KimLeuenberger

Hello 500px! How you been doing?

So it’s been quite a while since I last posted on here but figured I had to come back. I’ve got countless Travelling Cars images and other stuff I’ve been doing to share with y’all!

Love love love

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The long windy road by KimLeuenberger

I had a lot of amazing adventures this summer, and this was about a month and a half ago when I went to discover the Graubuenden in my homeland of Switzerland. We woke up at 3am that morning to walk up a 3000m high peak in the fog and the snow. I seriously thought I was going to die of frostbites up there, acting as much as a drama queen as I’ve ever been able to!
This was taken whilst coming down, so you can imagine the overall feeling of joy I was feeling that it was all over haha!

Missed you 500px pals!

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GOSH, THIS IS BIG!! by HatCatPhotography

Hey folks! I promise this is really the last mushroom combined with a miniature! I do not want to bore you, but I really like this photo as it gives the feeling the dwarf is really looking at the mushroom and wondering how big it is!

As said: It is the last one of this series! Promised! 😛 Maybe in the future I will make some additional ones, but then in another scenery and not with such a dark background! 😉

Wish you all a good day and all the best,

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My photo companion by HatCatPhotography

I love my hobby. I love to take photos and just relax alone at some place.
But there are also times, when I wish there would be a companion.

While I was looking for some great mushrooms in a neighbourhood forrest I heard in the silence some “Na na na na nana nana nananaaaa!” and I could not believe my eyes: A smurf was taking photos, too. So I asked him if it was fine to share that great subject with him. He nodded and so I took the shot! 😛

Wish you all the best,

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