Mirror Image by BrandonDonnelly1

Another from Lake Bled in Slovenia. I only spent a couple nights here and had one chance to get a sunrise, it was sure worth it. Hopefully I can make it back sometime.

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Herbert Lake – Banff National Park by ryno324

3:30am – wake up call… Check.
4:30am – Morraine Lake overrun by people already… Check
6am – Peyto Lake Vacant… Check
7am – Bow Lake lookout looking freaking sweet… Check
8am – Herbert Lake clearer than I have ever seen it… Check

T’was a very good morning haha. I decided to upload an image from Herbert Lake as I have NEVER seen a reflection in it this crisp and clear before. I have been here about 30 times or so and have never seen it like this.

Thus far, I have taken 400 images since I first woke up haha. It is now 10:15 am… I still have the entire day ahead of me!

Early mornings on days off are awesome!

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