What’s behind your facade? by AlexGaflig

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Yesterday i was out for some location-spotting with Cludes Tomato and it turned into something cool i guess.
I think this will be the last upload this year, so Merry Xmas for you and a Happy New Year =)
Inspired by Holger Glaab who has some awesome shots of this location!
Oh and it’s a single shot!

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La Petite France by AlexGaflig

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Now i’ve been to 10 different countries in 2015 (without Germany)
I live about 2h away from Strasbourg, but i’ve never been there. On the weekend i decided to visit this beautiful city, taking pictures on friday evening and i was shocked when i had a wifi signal again about what happened in Paris. Could happen to all of us, horrible. Anyway, Strasbourg is very beautiful, awesome food and cake, just worth a visit!!

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How many Books can you read? by AlexGaflig

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A cool tunnel view of books in a library in Prague. Anyone knows what’s the trick here? =) It’s not Photoshopped!!
Librarys are often very beautiful and impressive, like the one in Stuttgart, Germany.
Prague also has some other beautiful library views, i’ll shoot them next time when i’m back in my favorite city.

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Bulb Mode by AlexGaflig

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New cam, new lens,iso100, same place, prague again. I simply love this city and i wanted to re-do some old shots. Maybe some know my old pic: Tribute to Thomas Alva Edison.
I wanted to go to the top, but there was a little gate, i’ve been with friends there and under time pressure, so i didnt ­čśÉ

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In the Matrix by AlexGaflig

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Had a hard Party weekend in Prague with friends, came back with some cool shots ­čśÇ Inspired by the master of the Underground Joe Plasmatico ­čśë Model is my friend Udon.

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The Angry Three by AlexGaflig

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Dolomites weekend trip with Cludes Tomato .
Still working on a watermark concept, as we’ve seen yesterday, our pics are not save out there.

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Ghosts of the Dolomites by AlexGaflig

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Antother one from the Dolomites weekend trip with Cludes Tomato .

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Golden by AlexGaflig

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Often seen, here another golden sunrise at Lake Bled in Slovenia, which i visited with Cludes Tomato.
Also on this pic i mentioned a problem with my display on my main laptop which shows the picture really cold, on other displays its warm!

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Time Flies By by AlexGaflig

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Antother one from the Dolomites weekend trip with Cludes Tomato .
Our first spot was Seceda (2519m) with a view to the “Geislergroup”, an super amazing peaceful place to chill, walk, paraglide or ski in winter.

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Frustration by AlexGaflig

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At first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Cludes Tomato!!!!!!! who hiked with me to this spot.
We started at the “Auronzoh├╝tte” and hiked to the “Dreizinnenh├╝tte” where we wanted to spend the night. When we arrived there, we mentioned a looot of people becuase there was some marathon going on. Once we arrived at the “Dreizinnenh├╝tte” there was – of course – no place left to sleep so we were super pissed and frustrated. I was even so pissed i wanted to walk back immediately, just put out the cam for some “i-was-here” pictures.
The weather was not so cool, the sunset was boring, behind clouds and so on.
So this is the outcome of my pure frustration. A bit better then i expected but not close to what i wanted to get.
On the same day we’ve been at the Seceda Spot in the morning, so all in all it was a good day ­čśÇ
Anyway, it seems like our Photo-Trips are getting successful, my picture from our Croatia trip was featured in the October Issue of the Magazine “Digital Photo UK”.
Plitvice National Park

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