el ocaso de la razón by fmarty

Praying for Paris and all affected by yesterday’s attacks.

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PRAY FOR PARIS by senen_941

In memory for all the victims that have died today in Paris. Rest in peace.

In sorry but, as I said with the other photo, I cant understand what has happened today.


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Epic !! …. by Yannick_Lefevre

Epic sunset from the roof of The Montparnasse Tower ’til Eiffel tower, La Défense headquarter, Subway and many more ….

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Beautiful Paris by YuriFineart

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Shot during a summer evening from the ”Tour Montparnasse” in Paris, France.


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Bonne soirée, Paris! by fmarty

Another amazing view of West Paris from Tour Montparnasse!
It was a great experience to spend a couple of hours on the observatory to see the evolution of the stormy evening over Paris!

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