The Other Side: Moonrise Over the Cuernos by DaveMorrow

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One of my main goals when visiting Patagonia was to come back with not only good shots, but unique shots.

When researching for the trip the same photos / views seemed to pop up again and again and again and again and again…. yes that many times.

None the less, there is so much to shoot in this vast expanse of land that not coming back with unique stuff is a sin.

This specific shot comes from the French Valley which is a 2 day hike from civilization. The moon is just starting to come up behind the mountains adding an intense amount of light & glow to the clouds & landscape.

The evening before we hiked to this location in 50 mile per hour winds & snow. After scouting some stuff out, it was time to set up camp and sleep.

The next morning we woke at 5AM and started the freezing cold 2 hour ( 1500 foot gain ) trek back to this location with even worse conditions. Strong wind & snow. The clouds seen in this photo dissipated within a few minutes due to the strong gusts and new clouds moved through the range of peaks.

The moon light was intense & sunrise was a dud. Thankfully I was able to capture this shot:)

The image comes from 2 RAW files, one exposed for the highlights and focused approx. 2/3 into the landscape. The glow you see on the horizon is the moon coming up over the peaks.

The second RAW file was refocused on the immediate foreground with the ISO increased to capture the moving plants in still frame with lower exposure time.

Focus stacking was used to blend both photos together. More on focus stacking here –>

From there I finished out the editing process using some of the techniques shown in the following video.

PS: You can watch me edit a night sky photo from start to finish using Lightroom & Photoshop in the following video. Click the link and enjoy

Thanks in advance for any comments. Just landed in Italy for a 10 day / non-photography vacation with the family and won’t have internet.


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