A Moose-d by GreggB

Here is one with the moose. I took this shot in the Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming a couple of days ago. To me this is a spectacular creature. Look at those antlers. Some can weight as much as 40 Kilos or even more. That’s around 80 ponds. Try carry that much weight on your head 🙂 From what I understand moose is an animal with a bad temper so I was shooting from a distance with my Nikon 200-500mm f/5.6 lens and 1.4TC attached to get reach of 700mm.

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Rainmaker by ZackClothier

I photographed this large bull moose earlier this fall, in Glacier National Park in Montana. All of the visitor services were closed for the season, leaving the park void of tourists. It felt as though I had the entire place to myself, well, except for this big guy I came across early one morning!

When I found this guy the sun had just come up over the mountains, but was being filtered by some cloud cover to the east, creating some really nice lighting conditions for photography. I watched and photographed him for what must have been an hour or more. He would alternate between browsing the willows along the shore to wading out into the water and diving, looking for the remaining vegetation at the bottom of the lake.

I had just slowly worked my way around the shoreline to get a better angle, being careful not to disturb him, when all of a sudden he decided to shake off in the water. I quickly adjusted to a faster shutter speed to freeze the action and immediately fired off a series of shots, capturing the entire shake from beginning to end. This was one of my favorites from the sequence.

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Bobby Socks Storm Brew by eyeofalens

Bobby Socks Storm Brew
I have been wanting to re-visit some files captured in 2103 while briefly in Yellowstone before that rather infamous capitol hill shut down, scuttled my trip plans.
Here is an image from a file for whatever reasons I’ve previously overlooked. Likely prefered a slight variation of where the water course started. I remember quickly taking these shots, as about 30mins before this one of the park rangers tolerantly said to me you really need to go back to your camp ground ( as the park was officially closed & we were to vacate the next day )
Wished I could have returned the next day as there was 6-8inches of snow overnight..

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Autumn Moose by jeffclow

© 2015 Jeff R. Clow

I happened to be driving by Oxbow Bend several years ago during the late afternoon when I caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye.

For those of you who have been to this location, you know it is normally much better in the morning for photography. However, as I pulled over I distinctly remember thinking I had seen a moose through the notch on the distant shore.

Sure enough, when I walked to a place where I could get the correct angle, he was there. Not a person nearby except me.

He stood there for several minutes and I was amazed at how perfectly he was framed by the landscape around him…

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Moose ❖ Orignal by blue_iris

This picture was taken at Omega Park, a safari park near Montebello, Quebec, featuring Canadian wildlife. You go through the park in your car and cannot step out of the car to get a better angle for a photo.

Photo prise au parc safari Omega, près de Montebello, au Québec.

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The Challenge by jeffclow

The Challenge…

I have seen a lot of moose in my time….but seeing this one up close and personal as he prepared to receive a challenge from a younger bull was the most heart pounding photo work I’ve done in a long time.

Let me take you to the moment.

We were standing about 30 yards away and the challenger was approaching from the left…and then this veteran started making grunt like noises that got louder and louder. The youngster then began making the same type of sounds.

They were communicating with an unmistakable tone…full of fight and determination.

There was a light rain and I was equally conscious of the people with me and I kept saying “stay by the SUV and be ready to jump in”… and “keep the doors open”.

The flight or fight adrenaline rush was kicking in and I felt it hard to hold the camera without shaking.

I’m trying to lock focus and watch the young bull with my peripheral vision while the drama is unfolding before me.

There is electricity in the air and my heart is beating so fast I believe I can feel it pushing my shirt out.

The young bull walks two steps closer. The veteran raises his head…

Talk about feeling alive….were you there with me for a second or two? I hope so.

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