Early morning Moraine Lake reflections by george_umber

Moraine Lake is one of the most photographed locations in Banff. The snow covered Valley of the Ten Peaks provides a beautiful backdrop to the lake. This photo was taken from the Rockpile which allows you to get high enough to catch the mirror reflection.

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Endeavor by Sean_Bagshaw

I was captivated by this arched cloud and its reflection in Moraine Lake. At first it was barely visible above the peaks and a few minutes later it had passed by overhead. But in this moment it formed an unusual arc through the frame and appears to be emanating from one of the peaks. The human mind loves to find patterns and assign importance, even when something is purely coincidental. This cloud is no different than any other, but the well formed arching shape and it’s location causes the brain to give it more attention then it otherwise would. I chose black and white for the image to allow the focus to be on the form, without the distraction of color. Finding and capturing patterns in nature which are both meaningless and meaningful is, for me, one of the most pleasurable challenges of landscape photography and hopefully brings something different to well known subjects.

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Canon 5D III, polarizer, 32 mm, 1.3 seconds, f/14, ISO 100

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Canadian Blues by ZackSchnepf

This is 2 exposures blended together using my advanced Photoshop tonality control and multiple exposure blending techniques. I produced a video detailing these techniques, it’s available here: www.zschnepf.com

Another image from my recent trip to the Canadian Rockies with my Photo Cascadia buddies.

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Sacred Silence by ryan_kole

A little while ago… I received a comment on my image entitle “Skip Life Away II”…

The person referred to Moraine Lake looking like this as “sacred silence”. I liked the phrasing of that so much that I’m now calling it Sacred Silence haha.

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