Pensive Pepper by elizabethgadd

A moment to appreciate my loyal partner in crime during photoshoots, and all of life in general: A pensive Pepper pondering upon a tree stump for a whole 0.2 seconds before the woodland squirrels beckoned and the regular mighty chases ensued throughout the fairytale forest.

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Scottish Hiking Path by YuriFineart

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Taken on the Quiraing, Isle of Skye, Scotland in the summer of 2014 with the Canon 600d and 18-55 IS II Kit lens


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Mossy Falls by blurrr001

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Getting ready and excited for fall color, but looking back at spring and all the great photo opportunities I had this year. This shot is from the Columbia River Gorge. A secret spot that in all reality really isn’t all that secret, depending on what circles you run in, but it is for the most part unconventional to the other shots of this area. One of the guys I was with found this spot so I can’t take credit for the find but I think we both came out with unique versions even though we shot nearly the exact same spot. The Hike getting here is a story for another time…

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Nature’s Purity by aagazzi

Waterfalls and rivers are at times quite challenging in order to find the appropriate point of view. Quite often this position is obstructed by any kinds, it is too slippery, the water spray is too high or it might by simply too dangerous. Here I had exactly this kind of a challenge and was in the end not one hundred percent satisfied. However, let’s share it with you, hope you enjoy mother natures beauty!

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The Falls by Dustin_Wong_Photography

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Mt Hood National Forest, Oregon (view on black)

After a short 2 mile long hike with my friend Peter Coskun, we arrived at the base of these falls which were covered in green moss. The glacier melt water was raging and slightly colored from minerals. It was a great spot that we had mostly to ourselves in the late hours of the day.

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