Monochrome Mirror by AttilioRuffo

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Hood Dawn by MichaelBollino

Soft pre-sunrise color surround a craggy sub-summit of Mount Hood. Took a bit of effort to hike to this spot on the mountain but it was well worth it in the end.

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Shining Beacon by SteveLuther

Mount Hood in Oregon as you’ve never seen before, all lit up in glowing, brilliant light at sunset, and casting a perfect reflection in the still waters of Trillium Lake. I’ve photographed this mountain many times, but have never seen it lit up like this, in fall before the winter snows arrived.

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Hoodwinked by everlookphotography

I shot Mount Hood back in 2013 and on this morning I was in the presence of TJ Thorne and Tula Top. On these kinds of occasions, without the kids I’m sure I could have lingered on and Marianne would have been there but be that as it may, it was the briefest of shoots at this famous spot.

About the image, looking through the archive I had taken a vertical reflection shot but for some reason did not complete the vertorama for the horizontal. Below the tree line in the reflection is manufactured. I would have liked the ripples I got in this shot :
Next time!

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Mt. Hood by Barisparildar

This view made me so happy that I did not even care about the 15 hours drive back to LA anymore. I can start driving for another 30 hours tomorrow just to see it one more time…

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Totally Trillium by GaryRandall

This is the sunset night before last at the lake up the road with a mountain in the distance.

I know, I know… Not another Trillium Lake shot, but it was either this or nothing at all. lol 😀

Actually, this is the sunset on the evening that I was guiding my friend Leigh through the gorge and around Mount Hood for the day. I think that she was pleased. 🙂

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