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Here’s a new one from Union Creek Falls in Mt. Rainier National Park. This waterfall isn’t photographed a ton and can only be accessed during the summer since you have to ford a river that runs very high in the spring and winter. Any who hope you enjoy this one! This has always been one of my favorite waterfalls in WA.

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Union Creek Falls, Mt. Rainier National Park, WA

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The Final Glow by candacedyar

The sun briefly illuminates the area near Naches Peak, overlooking Tipsoo Lake.
This was taken a couple of weeks ago while out with Ryan searching for Fall color. The weather conditions looked promising with a storm rolling in later that evening.
We had this sort of joke lately that whenever we would go out shooting together there would be a 95% chance that it would either end up completely socked in or that there would be clear skies…we were on a long, somewhat depressing running streak where we would very rarely catch any kind of halfway decent light when we were out together.
Thankfully, our first shooting trip together as husband and wife apparently ended that streak, as we witnessed the most vibrant, colorful sunset at Mount Rainier I have ever seen before. It lasted for what seemed to be a long while, and just when the show seemed to be over, there was a brief explosion of color…the kind that makes your jaw drop to the ground.
I was actually so taken aback by how beautiful it was that for a moment I forgot that I was supposed to be shooting and just took it all in. This image is the result of me attempting to take a few shots as the final glow of the evening took place with the sky ablaze. I hope that it somewhat conveys what the overall experience was like that evening. Thank you for taking a look.

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Mirroring the Grandeur by TrevorAnderson

This is another perspective of Rainier that I caught a couple years back. My recent trips have been more hiking oriented than photo oriented, partly due to the hazy skies presented by all of the wildfires; this has provided a good opportunity to go through some older folders.

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Bench Lake Sunset by raygreenphotography

I took this sunset image of Mount Rainier from the shore of Bench Lake a couple of days ago…my first trip there! Thank you for viewing, voting and/or any constructive comments!

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Mount Rainier Blue Hour by raygreenphotography

Found this image during a recent trip through the archives.
One in a series of twilight/sunrise images that I made a couple of summers back and just never gort around to processing. This is a blue hour version of Mount Rainier reflecting into lower Lake Tipsoo (taken just a few minutes prior to sunrise). Thank you for viewing, voting and/or any constructive comments!

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Tahoma Twilight by JeremyDuncan

Please view this one on black. Lots of shadow detail to be seen.

Mount Rainier from the Sunrise area on a very windy night.

Three images used: One for the land, one for the stars and another for the moon which were both shot at later times in order to capture the scene I envisioned.

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Desperate for Attention by snyder7

Cotton Grass and Cascade Penstemon near a creek on the way up to Panorama Point. Mount Rainier NP, WA.

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Waterfall by The Road! by NhtPhm

Back to my Washington State Series! This beautiful little waterfall is located in Mount Rainier National Park! I don’t think it has a name so I call this photo “Waterfall by The Road”. Hope you like it! Thanks for stopping by everyone! Have a great day/night! 🙂

Photographed by: Nhut Pham
Location: Mount Rainier National Park, WA

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Fleeting Away by BryanSwan

So, first and foremost, if you are expecting to see the Wildflowers in the Pacific Northwest at the usual time of year (end of July to late August), you better start re-evaluating your plans real quick. Thanks to the absurdly low snowpack the Cascades got this past winter, the flowers started blooming in early June, and are essentially hitting peak right about now (the constant string of 90-degree days Washington and Oregon are in the middle of right now are certainly hurrying things along too).

I may have been just a tad early in hitting Indian Henry’s Hunting Ground in Mount Rainier National Park a couple weeks ago, because most of the meadows were more grass than flowers (though there were some real good patches – just in places where trees blocked views of the mountain). I horribly miscalculated my start this afternoon, and basically ended up power-walking up the last mile and 1,000 feet of gain on the trail, just making it to the meadows with maybe 15 minutes to spare before sunset. Naturally the best light was in the opposite direction, but the clouds over the mountain were pretty decent, for once.

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