Flash Point by goldpaintphotography

2016 Night Sky Photography Workshops

This image is a composite of all the meteors captured on August 13, 2015, during the Perseid Meteor Shower from Mount Shasta, CA. All of the meteors were captured from 12:30am – 4:30am and the composite contains roughly 65 meteors. The large mountain in the distance is Mount Shasta and the glow from the base of the mountain is from the city of Mount Shasta.

I subtracted the meteors from the images that contained them throughout the 4 hour period. Due to the Earth’s rotation, the meteors were not in the correct location once overlayed with the single background image. To find where the meteors originated from in relation to the background image, I used Polaris (North Star), Capella, Pleiades, Mirphak, Double Cluster, and the constellation Perseid to triangulate their position.

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Shasta Dream by VictorCarreiro

This one really needs to be viewed on black.

This was taken last April when I visited Mount Shasta area. I came across this field which had a great view of the mountain, but foregrounds were skimpy. With the light fading fast I grabbed a nearby dead branch and attempted to construct a leading line. Kind worked.

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