Ferned Up by JeremyDuncan

Something a bit different from the False Hellebore images that are quite popular to shoot in the spring/early summer. Shot while backpacking through the Mount Baker Wilderness earlier in the year.

Thanks for looking!

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With the Lights Out by MichaelBollino

A star-filled night sky rises over Mount Shuksan in Washington State’s North Cascades. I’d wanted to visit Lake Ann for more years than I care to remember. Luckily my family and I found ourselves with some time this past summer and quickly decided to finally make the trip happen. The trail’s four mile length and trailhead to destination beauty make this an ideal backpack for younger kids. Anyway, the image here made use of wide angle distortion to “pull” the mountain peak upward. Several exposures were used to complete the scene, all taken from the same spot within an hour and a half of each other.
Took some work to pull together in post but I’m fairly satisfied with the results. Hope you enjoy!


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Lasting Impressions by snyder7

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Please see against the black background!!!

This was shot a little over a month ago during a one day trip to Mount Baker, with my pal Jeff. We were hoping for a better sky that what we had, but hey, you have to work the scene regardless, right!?!

Having said that, I came away with a couple of shots that I am pretty happy. “Alpenglow”, which you can see on my website here: http://ift.tt/1KC146x and now this one.

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Alpenglow by snyder7

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Mount Shuksan glows during the last few minutes of sunset light, during a warm, summer evening.

I had guilted my pal Jeff to go out shooting, given that previous attempts had to be cancelled or postponed due to work, and or family commitments. But this time around we were able to make it work. We didn’t have the best of conditions, but to be fair, this was one of the best I’ve ever had up in that corner of the North Cascades. Most previous attempts yielded nothing but clear, blue skies.

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A Cascade Jewel by JeremyDuncan

Most images of this side of Shuksan are shot from the shore of Lake Ann but since the Heather was in full bloom I decided on a different vantage point near the Fishers Chimney’s climbers trail. The plan was to shoot sunset and hike out in the dark but the clouds quickly dispersed right before sunset (probably because they knew I was there). I was rather blown away by the amount of flowers already in bloom and the severe lack of snow on a lake that typically has snow and ice on it into late summer if not year round.

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