Southern Dream by PatrickMarsonOng

If you have visited NZ’s south island particularly the west coast, Fox Glacier was definitely in your IT. If not, then you might need to visit NZ again pretty soon! Lol!

Lake Matheson – a must see place in Fox Glacier that is famous for it’s mirror-like reflection of Mt. Cook and Mt Tasman. Often photographed on sunrise, one must endure a pre-dawn 45 minutes walk thru darkness if you want to catch an awesome view of the alpen glow. And as you watch the sun illuminates the mountains, fog and mist slowly creeps in all over the lake.

Having been here a few times, I am still hoping to see the lake covered entirely in thick fog showing only the peaks of Mt. Cook and Tasman on the background. Oh well, either luck is not on my side or it doesn’t actually happen. Lol!

So why not use imagination and creativity in processing, combine shots taken at the same place, different area and time into one. Here’s my version of Lake Matheson. Hope you guys like it!

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West Coast Eruption by christianlim

why not join the fun???

getting ready for the next tour… this time a return to my favorite spot in the world. not just for the landscapes, but just being there in peace. feels like home…. away from home (even better)

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