White World by sysaworld

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This new spot has been discovered, now im ready for some new winter situations. I remember this sunset for a diffused and fantastic light all over Engadine on a very cold day.

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Schafberg by tomvoc

Mountain hut on the top of the Schafberg (1,783 m), Austria.
Another view you can find here:


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Darkness by sysaworld

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Last lights of sunset over Refuge Locatelli and the Three Peaks of Lavaredo Sesto Dolomites Trentino Alto Adige Italy Europe

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I would like to sit here all summer ☺ by Rosetta-Nota

Took this pic during one of our hikes… it was a sunny but also cloudy day….☺
Wish you a good weekend ♥

— RIFUGIO SCALORBI – Ala (TN) The Mountain-hut Scalorbi Pompeo, m. 1770 from sea level….near Passo Pelagatta. It is the main reference point for excursions on the western slopes of the Small Dolomites.It dominates the valley of the Alpe di Campobrun between Carega ,the Obante and the chain of the Three Crosses. From the pass Pelagatta your can see over the valley of Recoaro Terme and high Agno Valley, nestled between the top and the Marana..and Civillina. On a clear day you can see the plains of Vicenza and Padua. ☺

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Il rifugio Pompeo Scalorbi, a m. 1770 di quota nei pressi del passo di Pelagatta, è il principale punto di riferimento per le escursioni sui versanti occidentali delle Piccole Dolomiti.
Si domina il vallone dell’Alpe di Campobrun, tra il Carega, l’Obante e la catena delle Tre Croci. Dal passo Pelagatta lo sguardo spazia sulla vallata di Recoaro Terme e l’alta valle dell’Agno, racchiusa tra la cima Marana ed il Civillina. Nelle giornate limpide si può vedere la pianura vicentina e padovana.

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