Green Alpine Treasure by ConstantinFellermann

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After a three-hour hike, we did this summer, we were able to enjoy this fantastic view of the Schrecksee at 1813m. During the climb, it was still very cloudy, but when we reached the top it cleared up and the sun showed up for a short time.

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Magic Quiraing by YuriFineart

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Taken on the Quiraing, Isle of Skye, Scotland in the summer of 2014. The view from up there is incredible and the mood just before a massive amount of rain hit the ground was magical.


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White Wall by guerelsahin

5:30 in the morning at braies lake…

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The Beauty Of The End by TheWanderingSoul

While browsing through some older photographs I’ve found this piece and decided to do the post-processing once again to publish it (I already have posted this time exposure, taken two minutes later). Almost two years have passend since I have been at this wonderful place. Two years too many. 😉

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C a r e z z a L a k e by Brightway

This image shows the Carezza lake (Karersee/Lago di Carezza) in Aldo Adige (Südtirol/Italy) in a nice evening light. It really is a magic place with great atmosphere. Empress Sissi was here in 1897 and I’m pretty sure that she was stunned like me! The lake is beautiful embedded between the Latemar and the Rosengarten group in about 1500m above sea level.

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