Like a Heaven, Mongolia by Erdenebulgan

Like a heaven… On the top of Munkh saridag mountain of Mongolia, Russia.

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Frozen Labyrinth by PaulZizkaPhoto

Jesse Milner navigates through the mighty Robson Glacier, a couple of weeks ago. I actually took this on the descent (we took a little detour…) after a wonderful trip that took us to the top of the 3 11,000ers visible in this image: Resplendent (left), Robson (right) and the Helmet (black peak in front of Robson).

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For Jeff by scottsmorra

This image is In Memory of Jeff Swanson who passed away at age 30 from melanoma. We all miss you! Please consider visiting and donating to the Melanoma Research Foundation to support the battle against melanoma.

“Just go. Lay down all your doubts and hit the road. You don’t know what the future holds, so get off the couch while you can! The beauty is out there waiting to be captured.” – Jeff Swanson

About the image:
Summit, Mt Hood, Oregon. I captured this image during an early summer climb of Mt Hood. Our group summited at sunrise and we arrived just in time to see the triangular shadow of the mountain being cast upon the surrounding landscape. This moment was truly unique and it’s something I will never forget! Before starting this climb, I couldn’t decide if I should bring my dSLR photo gear along. Hauling heavy dSLR gear up the mountain didn’t sound very appealing, but I finally decided to bring everything along just in case the light was good on the summit. Although it was a lot of work getting to the top with all of my gear, I’m really happy I brought everything along!

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Frozen Kingdom by PaulZizkaPhoto

This is one of my favourite images from Mount Robson. As we weaved our way through the seracs that flank the Helmet, we finally rounded the corner to gain the ridge, just in time to see the sun illuminate the frozen land beyond.

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Kala Pattar by intrepidphotos

Frozen prayer flags on the pre dawn summit of Kala Pattar (5545m). At 5500m you have approximately 50% of the Oxygen available at sea level. Nepalese Himalaya, Nepal

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Kain’s Gift by PaulZizkaPhoto

Eventually, halfway up the Kain Face, morning came and the sun started bathing the heights in an incredible pinkish glow. I faced away form the anchor and could not believe the vista. That black dot on the Dome in the centre of the picture is our tent.

Then my thoughts went to Conrad Kain, who cut 600 steps up that face on his way to make the first ascent of Mount Robson over 100 years ago. Then he and his clients came down the south face. Absolutely amazing.

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